Conversational AI
Serve your customers
on any
Aivora is a multi-channel conversational platform that autonomously and immediately manages the needs of your clients, teams and employees.
24/7 attention
Nothing is more valuable than the time of your
Aivora facilitates and strengthens the work of your human teams, effectively managing commercial processes and customer service, which significantly reduces management time and costs.
Optimise your resources
Reduce management and after-sales costs by up to 50%
Increase sales and invoicing
Manage business opportunities across the company.
With feeling
Aivora revolutionises your
The conversational assistant analyses the content and emotions of the conversation in order to trigger processes such as booking a service appointment, sell a car, assessing the urgency or referring you to an employee.
Build customer loyalty
Improve the user experience and encourage self-service.
Boost your business
Provide specialised attention 24 hours a day.
Aivora delivers immediate results thanks to its real-time intelligence. Make a difference with a new generation of service experience.
Much more than
just an
Aivora integrates with any voice solution or service, CRM or DMS, and allows you to generate specialised conversational advisors for your target audience and your team.
Tailor-made for you
Planning your
Aivora can proactively initiate conversations with your customers (outbound), as well as respond to incoming calls and messages (inbound), through any channel and in any time or language.
* Unlimited management in a reasonable use of the service. Promotion subject to availability and specific conditions of application. Price for one location and brand, contact us for more details.
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