Aivora announces its Portuguese subsidiary at the Anecra Congress
Aivora, leader in conversational technology for the automotive industry, stood out at the Anecra Congress, the main event for the sector in Portugal. Aivora's participation in this congress not only highlights its commitment to innovation, but also marks a key moment by announcing the creation of its Portuguese subsidiary, led by Miguel Paz as CCO and Pedro Bastos as COO.

Aivora’s presence at the Anecra Congress was notable, capturing the attention of professionals and leaders in the sector. Aivora not only presented its advanced conversational artificial intelligence solutions, but also shared the exciting news of the creation of its subsidiary in Portugal.

Aivora’s new Portuguese subsidiary will be headed by Miguel Paz, who will assume the role of Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), and Pedro Bastos, who will occupy the position of Chief Operating Officer (COO). This leadership team will bring strategic vision and invaluable experience to drive Aivora’s growth and operational excellence in the Portuguese market.

The announcement of the Portuguese subsidiary of Aivora added a significant component to its participation in the Anecra Congress. The news generated excitement and highlighted Aivora’s continued commitment to the Portuguese market, reinforcing its position as a leader in artificial intelligence solutions for the automotive industry.

Impressions of the event

«Aivora’s presence at the Anecra Congress was impressive, and the announcement of its Portuguese subsidiary with leaders and experience of Miguel Paz and Pedro Bastos further elevates its position in the market. The combination of technological innovation and strategic leadership demonstrates Aivora’s commitment to growth and excellence in Portugal», commented a participant at the event.

Aivora’s prominent participation in the Anecra Congress not only marks a milestone in its presence at key events, but also heralds an exciting new phase with the creation of its Portuguese subsidiary. With Miguel Paz and Pedro Bastos at the helm, Aivora is well positioned to lead digital transformation in the Portuguese automotive industry, redefining the way companies interact and manage their operations in the digital era.

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