Use cases
Nimo Gordillo case
In the competitive world of automotive, effective prospecting is key to the success of dealerships. In this study, we will explore how the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) in the prospecting process led to remarkable results for Grupo Nimo Gordillo, Official Toyota Dealership in Seville.

Prospecting with Artificial Intelligence

The dealership, despite representing the leading brand in the Seville market, was looking to optimise its prospecting strategies to increase participation in events and ultimately drive sales. To this end, Aivora was implemented during an exhibition event.

The precise segmentation of the database, as well as the combination of an effective script, an engaging hook and the support of a human call centre proved critical to the success of the campaign. The automation of active digital media campaigns contributed to the success of the word-of-mouth, strengthening the effectiveness of the prospecting.

Keys to success

  1. 17,000 customers contacted in 3 days
    All at a low cost compared to other options.
  2. More than 60 vehicles sold in 48 hours
    Impressive sales results during the first two days of the event alone.
  3. More than 800 appointments made
    The response rate was 5%, supported by 100% scoring for accurate segmentation.
  4. 160 customers during the exhibition event
    Represented 20% of pre-appointments, even after confirmation through the call centre and sales team.


This study highlights the power of artificial intelligence in automotive prospecting for Grupo Nimo Gordillo, Official Toyota Dealership in Seville. The combination of accurate segmentation, effective strategies and the integration of advanced technologies led to a significant increase in interactions, successful presentations and ultimately sales. Although weaknesses were identified, the lessons learned have guided the concession towards a more robust and adaptable strategy for the future.

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