Automotive Dealer Day Verona, the key industry event in Italy
Aivora, a leader in conversational technology for the automotive industry, stood out as a key player at Automotive Dealer Day Verona, the industry's flagship event in Italy. Aivora's participation in this prestigious event underlines its commitment to innovation and excellence in the digital transformation of the automotive industry.

Automotive Dealer Day Verona is recognised as the most prominent event in the automotive sector in Italy, bringing together industry leaders, professionals and leading experts. Aivora, with its expertise in automotive conversational technology, was prominently present at this event, demonstrating its cutting-edge solutions and pioneering role in the evolution of the sector.

During the event, Aivora presented its innovative conversational artificial intelligence solutions, highlighting how its technology has transformed the way companies in the automotive sector relate to their customers. From lead management to after-sales support, Aivora has proven to be a driving force in creating exceptional user experiences and optimizing key processes in the automotive industry.

Aivora’s presence at Automotive Dealer Day Verona had a significant impact. His participation not only attracted the attention of professionals and industry leaders, but also generated discussions about emerging trends in automotive conversational technology. Live demonstrations and presentations highlighted how Aivora is leading the way towards digital transformation in the Italian automotive sector.

Impressions from Automotive Dealer Day Verona

«Aivora’s presence at the Automotive Dealer Day Verona was exceptional. His ability to stand out at an event of this magnitude underscores his position as a leader in artificial intelligence solutions for the automotive industry. The innovation presented by Aivora will surely have a significant impact on the way automotive companies approach customer service and the management of key processes,” commented an event participant.

Aivora’s prominent participation in Automotive Dealer Day Verona reflects his commitment to the forefront of conversational technology in the Italian automotive industry. The experience and solutions presented at the event consolidate Aivora as a key player in the digital transformation of the sector, redefining the way in which automotive companies interact and manage their operations in an increasingly digitalized world.

Images from the event

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