Aivora Solutions
At the forefront of customer experience
We are the architects of change in the automotive and mobility industry. With a history rooted in innovation, we have redefined the way companies engage with their customers.
Pioneering the implementation of automotive AI solutions
Our story began in July 2020, amid unprecedented challenges. Since then, we have pioneered the adoption of conversational AI-based solutions in the automotive industry, ushering in a new era of exceptional interactions. The future of automotive and mobility is conversational, and Aivora is leading the way. It's not just about interactions, it's about relationships and results.
Commercial excellence at your fingertips
Imagine reducing management and after-sales costs by up to 50%, while increasing your sales and customer loyalty. With Aivora, this is not a vision, it is a reality. Our platform improves efficiency, optimises resources and provides personalised attention, increasing customer satisfaction and generating concrete results.
24/7 availability
Remain always available, by any voice and text channel, in any language and optimise the time of your human resources.
Appointment automation
Aivora takes care of scheduling workshop appointments, freeing up your consultants' time to focus on other strategic tasks.
Surveys and campaigns
Improve your incentives by surveying your customers in an automated and omnichannel way, with response rates of over 65%.
DB Qualification
Measure the level of interest of voice and WhatsApp interactions in real time and upload the result directly to your CRM.
Sentiment analysis
Aivora is able to analyse the content and emotions of the conversation to prioritise and trigger processes accordingly.
CRM/DMS Integration
Easily integrates with leading automotive DMS and CRM platforms, as well as numerous automotive manufacturers.
The keys
to success
  1. Optimise the work of your teams
    Aivora efficiently manages business processes, which significantly reduces management time and costs.
  2. Increase your profits
    Increase your sales and turnover by managing all business opportunities in a centralised and transversal way.
  3. Build customer loyalty
    Empower your business by offering 24h specialised attention. Improve the user experience and promote self-service.
  4. Affordable and scalable plans
    We offer simple and affordable monthly service plans, designed to adapt to your needs.
Proof of our impact
We have worked with the leading distributors and manufacturers in the automotive and mobility industry in Europe. Our customers are testament to our success: "We have increased the handling of calls with revenue potential by 38%", says Belén Benito, CEO of the Benigar Group, an example of the tangible impact Aivora has on the business.
Aivora's greatest asset is its human team
Federico Pérez
Co-founder and CEO
Maurizio Paganessi
Co-founder and CTO
Antonio Yuste
Co-founder and CFO
David Jurado
Tech Leader
Daniel Gómez
Support Technician
Marta Malpica
Computer Linguist
Manuel Carnés
CCO Spain
Mayte Mercader
Sales/Success Spain
Natalia Uceda
Sales/Success Spain
Pedro Bastos
COO Portugal
Miguel Paz
CCO Portugal