How it works
Aivora core and ecosystem
Aivora revolutionises the interaction between automotive companies and their customers, driving service excellence and operational efficiency. How do we achieve this? Through a central core of proprietary developments, complemented by an ecosystem of channels, systems and data models, which together form the leading technology in the industry.
The core of Aivora
The heart of Aivora is its central core, made up of a number of essential components that work in synergy to deliver an exceptional experience.
  1. Conversation Manager
    Conversational intelligence interprets and responds to customer needs in real time. This is made possible by advanced algorithms that ensure smooth and consistent dialogues.
  2. Campaign manager
    Our platform is not only limited to one-to-one conversations, but also manages targeted and personalised communication campaigns to reach customers effectively.
  3. Specific conversational models
    We have developed Tania, an understanding model specifically tailored for the automotive sector that allows Aivora to understand and respond to automotive-specific queries.
  4. Data APIs and channels
    Connectivity is key. Aivora integrates seamlessly with external systems and communication channels, ensuring consistent and effective omni-channel interaction.
  5. Intelligent insights
    Aivora generates valuable insights to identify new opportunities and propose strategic improvements, and can generate predictive actions based on customer behaviour and needs.
  6. Dashboard control and management
    Our powerful management dashboard provides a complete view of key interactions and data generated by Aivora, enabling informed and strategic decisions.
The extended Aivora ecosystem
In addition to the central core, Aivora connects to an extended ecosystem that maximises its capabilities.
Ecosystem of channels
Aivora is ready to interact on a variety of channels, from calls and text messages to WhatsApp, Messenger and more. This ensures that customers can communicate in their preferred way.
Automotive solutions
Aivora integrates seamlessly with leading DMS systems such as Quiter, Keyloop (Aswin and Autoline), Nextlane and more. This enables a seamless flow of information between Aivora and automotive management systems.
Conversational technology
Aivora enriches conversations using advanced data models and other specialised tools. These include generative AI from OpenAI, insights from Dialogflow and AA from TensorFlow, among others.
An incredibly effective technology platform
As you can see, Aivora is much more than just a conversational tool. It stands out as a complete technology platform, designed to meet the needs of the modern automotive industry. From its central core to its extended integrations, it offers a comprehensive solution to enhance the customer experience and optimise business operations. With Aivora, innovation in automotive service is within your reach.