Use cases
Autovidal case
Autovidal has taken a bold step towards digital transformation with the introduction of a revolutionary system that redefines the way customers book services. The implementation of automated appointments has enabled Autovidal to redefine efficiency and accessibility in automotive service scheduling.

Redefining the customer experience

Autovidal is committed to offering modern, customer-centric options in an ever-changing automotive sector. As such, the partnership with Aivora has enabled it to offer its customers automated appointment booking via voice or WhatsApp. This customised solution adapts to the specific needs of a diverse clientele, offering convenience and accessibility at every interaction.

This new booking methodology not only offers efficiency and convenience, but also gives customers the freedom to choose the communication channel that best suits them, be it the convenience of voice or the practicality of WhatsApp. In this paper we analyse the experience.

Keys to success

  1. Closure rates of around 60%
    Autovidal’s team, in collaboration with Aivora, has worked on an effective customised methodology for the appointment creation process.
  2. More than 3,000 automated appointments
    This figure not only reflects the enthusiastic acceptance by customers, but also highlights the effectiveness of the innovative approach adopted by Autovidal.
  3. Freeing up time for advisors
    The implementation of automated appointments has freed up valuable time for advisors, allowing them to focus on more strategic and value-added tasks.
  4. Significant improvement in customer satisfaction
    Accessibility through multiple languages has improved customer satisfaction, ensuring they can be served effectively in key tourist locations.


Autovidal has elevated the customer experience to new heights with its automated appointments, demonstrating that innovation is key to staying ahead of the curve in the automotive industry. This new approach not only drives operational efficiency, but also strengthens the ties between Autovidal and its customers, positioning the dealership as an undisputed leader in the digital transformation of automotive service.

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