Plans and pricing
Unlimited management from 399€ per month*
Serve all your customers without worry. Simply define what service you need, where you want to apply it, which channels and languages and we will give you a fixed monthly fee that fits your needs.
* Unlimited management on a reasonable use of the service. Promotion subject to availability and specific application conditions. Pricing for one location and brand, contact us for more details.
Optimise your sales business
Aivora transforms the way you manage your voice and text interactions, significantly improving the customer experience.
  1. Comprehensive management or only overflows
    Aivora can manage only overflow interactions or the entire customer service, depending on your needs.
  2. Automated satisfaction surveys
    Evaluate and improve the quality of your services and obtain valuable insights by automating surveys during the sales or post-sales phase.
  3. Real-time lead qualification
    Streamline the process and optimise lead-to-customer conversion by gathering accurate information for your sales teams.
  4. In any language and voice or text channel
    Manage all types of interactions and achieve effective communication with your customers without language barriers.
  5. Fully integrated with your CRM and DMS
    Aivora guarantees efficient data management and easy access to relevant information by integrating with your platforms.