Hyundai Motor España extends lead management with Aivora
Hyundai Motor España is taking a step towards optimising its customer service by extending lead management outside business hours and during weekends. This initiative is made possible thanks to Aivora's advanced technology platform, which enables Hyundai Motor España to offer a comprehensive and uninterrupted service to its customers.

In its ongoing quest to improve the customer experience, Hyundai Motor España is partnering with Aivora to extend lead management beyond traditional business hours and on weekends. Aivora’s technology platform enables Hyundai Motor España to maintain active and efficient customer service, even when the office is out of hours.

Aivora, with its multi-channel conversational capabilities and advanced automation, integrates seamlessly with Hyundai Motor Spain’s customer service strategy. This not only improves efficiency in lead management, but also offers customers the convenience of receiving personalised support even after hours.

Impact on customer experience

The collaboration between Hyundai Motor España and Aivora provides tangible benefits in lead management. The ability to serve customers outside conventional business hours means faster and more flexible service, which directly contributes to higher customer satisfaction and an increase in the likelihood of conversion.

The extension of out-of-hours lead management represents a significant change in the customer experience. Hyundai Motor España customers can enjoy the convenience of receiving quick and personalised responses even at times that would traditionally be out of reach for customer service.

Hyundai Motor Spain’s initiative to expand lead management with Aivora demonstrates its commitment to excellence in customer service. This collaboration not only improves operational efficiency, but also sets a new standard in customer service, providing customers with a comprehensive and flexible customer experience. This is a significant development that highlights Hyundai Motor Spain’s adaptability and customer focus in the automotive market.

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