Use cases
Renault Auto Salamanca case
Renault Auto Salamanca recognised the importance of customer feedback and chose to implement Aivora to automate its satisfaction surveys. Between March and December 2023, 5797 surveys were conducted using the platform.

Satisfaction survey automation

Aivora has managed to complete 3852 surveys, representing an impressive 66% completion rate. This performance significantly outperforms traditional systems which, at best, achieve 25% completion with emails and SMS.

Of the completed surveys, 3300 customers were identified as promoters, indicating that they are satisfied and do not require additional contact from the dealership’s human resources team. The human team focused on the 552 surveys where problems were detected, allowing for more efficient and personalised attention to dissatisfied customers.

Keys to success

  1. More than 3,850 customers surveyed
    The campaign developed in record time allowed us to know the degree of satisfaction and to be able to focus on negative cases.
  2. Completion rate around 66%
    Aivora proved to be highly efficient, achieving a much higher completion rate than traditional methods.
  3. Automatic segmentation of advocates
    This outstanding capability of Aivora allows for more effective management of interactions with satisfied customers.


Automation with Aivora has enabled Renault Auto Salamanca to make significant savings in time and resources. By automatically identifying satisfied customers, the team has been able to focus exclusively on resolving the specific issues of those who are not completely satisfied.

Renault, noting the remarkable increase in customer satisfaction rates in both sales and aftersales, has congratulated and rewarded Renault Auto Salamanca for its outstanding performance in customer experience management.

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