Strategic partnership in call handling in Portugal
Stellantis &you, the network of subsidiaries of the prestigious Stellantis brand group, has taken a bold step towards excellence in customer service by signing a partnership agreement with Aivora.

This strategic alliance focuses on the implementation of Aivora’s advanced conversational technology to handle calls at all of its locations in Portugal. The agreement between Stellantis &you and Aivora represents a significant evolution in the way automotive telephone interactions are handled. Aivora, renowned for its advanced conversational technology, will work closely with Stellantis&You to optimise customer service and increase call handling efficiency across all of its locations in Portugal.

Aivora’s conversational artificial intelligence platform will be implemented to address a variety of needs, from appointment management to post-sales query resolution. Aivora’s multi-channel technology will enable Stellantis &you to provide fast and personalised responses, contributing to an exceptional customer experience.

The strategic partnership between Stellantis &you and Aivora will bring tangible benefits. Optimised call handling will enable more efficient and personalised customer service. From the booking of services to the provision of personalised assistance, Aivora will be able to provide a more efficient and personalised customer service.

Impact on customer experience

The implementation of Aivora’s conversational technology has a direct impact on the customer experience. The ability to provide quick and personalised responses to all telephone interactions will strengthen the relationship between Stellantis&You and its customers, creating a more seamless and satisfying experience.

The signing of the agreement between Stellantis &you and Aivora marks a significant milestone in improving automotive customer service. Aivora’s advanced technology is positioned as a key tool for Stellantis &you, driving efficiencies and providing personalised service that will redefine the customer experience at all of its locations in Portugal.

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