Data models
Enrich conversations with advanced AI
Through the ingenious interweaving of advanced technologies, Aivora has been endowed with an exceptional ability to meet the demands of our customers.
Aivora understands and delivers consistent and effective responses
Built on the formidable generative artificial intelligence of OpenAI, backed by the outstanding natural language understanding capabilities of Dialogflow and powered by the versatility of machine learning and more from TensorFlow, our models are designed to discern user needs and deliver consistent, effective responses in every interaction.
OpenAI Generative AI
One of the jewels in Aivora's technological crown. This cutting-edge technology enables Aivora to not only respond to queries, but also to generate authentic and contextual responses. The text generation capability enriches conversations and creates a more human and natural experience.
Understanding Dialogflow
Aivora doesn't just listen, it understands. Dialogflow's trained and industry-tailored understanding enables our platform to interpret natural language and categorise customer needs accurately. This means Aivora can identify context and deliver relevant solutions, optimising the interaction.
TensorFlow Design
TensorFlow's AA technology enhances Aivora's training and learning process. This allows it to adapt and continuously improve its responsiveness. With each interaction processed, Aivora optimises its responses and adjusts its behaviour to provide increasingly effective solutions.
TanIA: A data model specialised in the automotive industry
As a result of specialised development in the automotive industry, Aivora has created TanIA, the most advanced data model for the automated management of conversations around automotive sales and after-sales.
TanIA benefits from the management of hundreds of thousands of conversations related to these areas, and the millions of pieces of data generated by them. TanIA is a milestone in conversational excellence. Thanks to its specific training, it is able to understand, categorise and provide consistent urgency criteria in more than 90% of conversations. This translates into fast and relevant responses for customers, improving satisfaction and operational efficiency. In short, our advanced data models drive Aivora's conversational intelligence. From authentic response generation to deep language understanding and automotive specialisation with TanIA, Aivora is equipped to deliver exceptional conversational experiences and solve customer needs effectively.