An exclusive opportunity for BMW Group dealers
From now on, dealers have the unique opportunity to significantly improve their ability to manage sales leads through direct integration with the BMW Group Lead Management System (RSP).

For BMW Group dealers, excellence in sales lead management is key. Aivora Solutions, a leader in automotive conversational technology, has announced a strategic partnership that will directly benefit BMW Group dealers in sales lead management. Thanks to this direct integration with the BMW Group Lead Management System (RSP), dealers will be able to enhance their ability to manage and qualify sales leads more efficiently.

This integration will enable dealers to manage sales leads more effectively, providing sales teams with a powerful tool for opportunity qualification and follow-up. Aivora’s conversational technology will synchronise seamlessly with BMW Group’s RSP, ensuring a seamless integration into the sales lead management process.

Benefits for dealers

The integration of Aivora Solutions with BMW Group’s RSP for sales lead management presents a number of benefits for dealers including:

  • Efficient qualification
    Increased efficiency in sales lead qualification.
  • Personalised follow-up
    Improved follow-up and personalisation in opportunity management.
  • Optimisation of the sales process
    Contribute to a more agile and effective lead management.

How to access

This strategic collaboration not only benefits dealers, but also has a direct impact on the potential customer experience. The ability to manage sales leads more efficiently contributes to a smoother and more personalised interaction for those interested in purchasing a BMW vehicle.

For interested dealers, Aivora Solutions will provide detailed information on how to access and benefit from this direct integration with BMW Group’s RSP for sales lead management.

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