Powerful integrations for a seamless flow
Aivora excels not only in its ability to hold exceptional conversations, but also in its ability to seamlessly integrate with a variety of external systems. This ensures a seamless and uninterrupted workflow, resulting in an improved customer experience and optimal operational efficiency.
Integration with leading automotive industry DMSs
Aivora offers seamless synergy with the most influential DMSs in the industry across Europe. These integrations allow you to access real-time data such as workshop schedules, appointment availability, vehicle and customer information, resulting in an exceptional ability to provide accurate and up-to-date responses.
One of the most recognised management systems in the industry, Quiter facilitates workshop, sales and aftersales administration.
A cloud-based application from Keyloop, which allows the extraction of data from the customer's insights management system.
With access to real-time performance data, it offers a seamless user experience, connecting sales and aftersales departments.
With a strong presence in the automotive market, Nextlane offers a variety of solutions for dealer management, sales and after-sales.
Seamless integration with leading CRMs
Aivora connects seamlessly with a diverse range of CRM platforms, from the most generic and popular options to more sector-specific and automotive-specific solutions. Below you can see some of the CRMs that already have full integration with Aivora.
A giant in customer relationship management, widely used in a variety of industries, including automotive.
With a user-friendly interface and automation capabilities, it is very popular with companies looking to manage their interactions.
With solutions ranging from sales to marketing, Zoho is a one-stop shop for customer relationship management.
Project and task management tool that integrates seamlessly with Aivora for organisation and process tracking.
With powerful tools such as customer management, Walcu is a digital sales and marketing solution for the automotive industry.
A digital CRM platform specifically designed to support the activities of automotive dealers and manufacturers.
Connect sales, marketing and service teams to increase productivity, accelerate sales and engage customers.
Other CRM
Aivora works in harmony with other specialised solutions such as Leadin, Leadcars, Fidelity for Net or Avi Automotive.
Strategic connections with automotive manufacturers
Aivora not only integrates with management and CRM systems, but also establishes strategic connections with car manufacturers. These strategic integrations allow Aivora to work in sync with manufacturers' systems, providing a seamless orchestrated experience for customers and internal teams. In short, Aivora not only talks to customers, but also communicates efficiently with the systems that drive the automotive industry forward.
Renault RDS
Aivora connects with Renault's RDS system for workshop appointment management, ensuring seamless communication between customers and the workshop.
Aivora integrates with this system to manage the brand's leads in its environment, ensuring that no lead is left unattended.
Hyundai Motor Spain
Aivora collaborates with Hyundai Motor España to optimise the brand's lead management, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction.