Total control with Aivora's powerful Dashboard
Designed to provide total control and accurate insight into all interactions, the management dashboard empowers teams with real-time data and key metrics that drive informed decision making and business success.
Key insights and metrics
The Aivora Dashboard is the window to a world of valuable, strategic information generated through conversations with customers, providing a clear snapshot of system operations and performance.
  1. Total inbound and outbound conversations
    Measures the number of customer interactions and how they are distributed between inbound and outbound calls.
  2. Total leads handled
    Measures Aivora's effectiveness in managing leads, which directly contributes to business opportunities.
  3. Total chats handled
    Examines Aivora's ability to address written conversations, extending its reach and efficiency.
  4. Abandonment rate
    Assesses customer satisfaction and retention by analysing how many customers abandon conversations before resolution.
  5. Net Promoter Score (NPS)
    Gain a detailed understanding of overall customer satisfaction and willingness to recommend your services.
  6. Average customer interaction time (AHT)
    Measures the average length of interactions, a crucial indicator of service efficiency.
  7. Call resolution rate
    Evaluates how many leads are converted into business opportunities and measures the value added by Aivora.
Graphs and data analysis
The Dashboard presents this key data in intuitive graphs, allowing easy understanding of trends and patterns. Daily and hourly charts of inbound and outbound calls help identify peak times and optimise resources. In addition, you can explore charts for workshop appointments, consumption control and other important metrics that directly impact the business.
Advanced management and customisation
The Aivora Dashboard allows advanced and personalised management of your operations.
Creation of conversational agents
Design personalised agents to deal with specific cases, adapting them to the needs of your business.
Conversation personalisation
Adjust and personalise conversations according to regulations, brand requirements and customer preferences.
Parameterisation of interest scorings
Define and adjust the parameters that determine the level of interest of all your leads, optimising their qualification.
Kanban opportunity management
Visualise and control the flow of opportunities in a customised kanban view, maintaining control at every stage.
Data and measurement: the heart of decision making
With Aivora, total control is at your fingertips, allowing you to make informed, strategic decisions based on accurate metrics and tangible results.
Aivora understands the importance of data and measurement in the business world. That's why its Dashboard is more than a control panel; it's a powerful tool for obtaining valuable information that drives your business forward.