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Contact 5.000 registrations in 8 hours for 1.500€*
Maintaining effective and personalised communication with your customers is crucial for your business. Aivora boosts your contact strategies and optimises results, enriching your databases.
* Promotion subject to availability and specific conditions of application. Promotion valid for active customers, contact us for more details.
DB Promo
Take your customer relations to the next level
Can you imagine being able to contact 5,000 records in just 8 hours? For only 1500€, Aivora talks to all your customers instantly.
  1. Real-time voice and WhatsApp qualification
    Aivora has the unique ability to qualify your database through voice and WhatsApp channels instantly.
  2. Measure the interest in your offer
    Gain valuable information about your customers' receptivity to adjust your commercial strategies accordingly.
  3. Upload qualification directly into your CRM
    Aivora simplifies data management and ensures your team has immediate access to the most relevant information.
  4. Optimise events and promotions
    Manage your events autonomously, efficiently and without risk, boosting your promotional efforts.