Use cases
Driving Excellence in Automotive and Mobility
Discover how Aivora can transform customer interaction in the automotive and mobility industry.
Optimised and efficient customer service
Aivora handles 100% of calls to your call centres, providing 24/7 assistance. With over 90% accuracy, it categorises your customers' needs and refers them to the right departments. From providing basic information to scheduling workshop appointments, Aivora automates tasks, diverts calls in real time and improves the customer experience.
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Quality surveys and follow-up
Aivora conducts voice and text surveys to measure customer satisfaction after a workshop visit or delivery of a new vehicle. If detractors or neutrals are detected, staff are notified to resolve issues and maintain customer satisfaction. Customisation is total, each survey will be tailored to brand guidelines and customer preferences.
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Real-time lead qualification
From new and used vehicle leads to vertical portals, Aivora manages 100% of leads in real time. Its voice and text contact processes generate high response and conversion rates. The platform integrates with leading CRMs, captures and transforms conversations into valuable data, and generates pre-qualified leads for a faster sales approach.
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Database and campaign management
Aivora can contact an unlimited number of registrations by any voice and text channel in record time. This enables the efficient execution of private sales, stock clearance, model launches and workshop campaigns. Multi-channeling and real-time notifications ensure that specific registrations are handled by the relevant human teams.
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A whole world of opportunities
These are just a few examples of how Aivora has transformed the way large automotive and mobility companies manage their processes and interact with their customers. The conversational AI platform adapts to your needs and goals, driving excellence in all aspects of your business.