Revolutionize the sale of vehicles with cutting-edge technology
Coches.com, the prominent portal specialized in the sale of vehicles associated with Banco Santander, has taken a revolutionary step in its commercial strategy by guaranteeing the qualification of all its leads. This significant advancement has been made possible through the implementation of Aivora's technology, which has completely transformed the lead qualification process.

In an effort to raise the quality and efficiency of its services, Coches.com has successfully integrated Aivora’s technology to guarantee the qualification of all its leads. Aivora, recognized for its multichannel conversational platform and advanced data models, has become a strategic ally for Coches.com in optimizing its sales processes.

Aivora’s technology allows Coches.com to carry out precise lead qualification, ensuring that each potential customer is treated in a personalized and efficient manner. From the first interaction to the conversion, Aivora transforms the way Coches.com engages with its customers, providing an unparalleled user experience in the vehicle purchasing process.

Integration benefits

The collaboration with Aivora has not only revolutionized lead qualification for Coches.com, but has also boosted efficiency in managing potential customers. Aivora’s platform not only automates the process, but also uses advanced data models to adapt to the specific needs of Coches.com’s target audience.

The tangible results of this partnership translate into a more efficient sales process and personalized attention to each client. Coches.com has managed to optimize its resources, increase customer satisfaction and generate concrete results in converting leads into satisfied customers.

Coches.com’s lead qualification guarantee thanks to Aivora represents a significant milestone in the digital transformation of online vehicle sales. This innovative approach not only positions Coches.com as a leader in the industry, but also demonstrates the positive impact of Aivora’s technology in optimizing business processes and improving the customer experience when purchasing vehicles. We are facing a notable evolution in the way in which the sale of vehicles is carried out online, setting a precedent for the automotive industry.

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