Use cases
Quadis case
At Quadis Group, real-time lead management has become a key strategy for maximising the conversion of prospects into customers. The ability to respond quickly and effectively to a potential customer's initial interaction can make the difference between closing a successful sale and losing an opportunity.

Lead Scoring, prioritising opportunities

The automated management of a lead must be accompanied by a scoring system (Lead Scoring). This system assigns values to leads based on their behaviour, interactions and responses, allowing sales teams to focus on the hottest leads (higher % scoring), thus maximising their efforts and results.

The Quadis Group has parameterised its Lead Scoring with Aivora, customising both the qualification conversation to be carried out and the specific weights for each interaction and response. This personalised Lead Scoring is automatically transferred to its CRM, which guarantees that the human teams always have pre-qualified Leads sorted by value, without the need to modify their usual work processes and tools.

Keys to success

  1. Standardisation of qualification processes
    The automation of the contact process allows the Group to define a single Qualified Lead model, shared and contrasted throughout the organisation.
  2. Optimising human resources
    Discarding and cleaning leads with no or very low interest allows sales teams to focus their time and effort on leads with a higher probability of success, which reduces the feeling of frustration and helps to restore the teams’ confidence in these processes.
  3. Align marketing investments
    The use of Lead Scoring allows you to rationalise marketing investments in the channels with the highest closing ratio without the need to wait for the final sale of the vehicle. In real time, the investment mix can be varied based on the immediate results of the real-time qualification of the Leads.


Dealers that can quickly capture, analyse, respond to and qualify lead interactions are positioned for success.

By prioritising speed and efficiency in lead management, dealers can improve lead-to-customer conversion, build lasting relationships with their customers and optimise their human and financial resources.

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